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A short summary about mini rodini.

Mini Rodini - the brand

Mini rodini is a swedish brand that started 2005. They focus on childrens clothing with the aim to make high quality and unisex garments, produce in a sustainable way and certify all clothes with GOTS, OCS or GRS. The brand signature are the special prints that are easy to recognize for their playfulness.

The founder, Cassandra Rhodin, is now head of design. She creates all prints and also takes the photographs with models.

Mini rodini is present in most countries. There is a big market for sustainable clothes in East Asia and USA and mini rodini is one of the leading brands in this area. The brand is also big in Europe, especially in Sweden.

The name

Cassandra Rhodin had a relative named Carl Rhodin. He was also known under some aliases. The most famous one is Brazil Jack. That is also the name of a circus that he started in 1899 and is still active. Carl Rhodin was also a traveling troubadour and for some time he called himself Carooli Rodini. Cassandra liked the name and decided to call her brand mini rodini. In the early years some prints had connections to the circus world.


Normally there is an autumn and winter collection with about three drops from en end of july to september. In spring and summer there is a collection with four or five drops with the first in the end of january and the last in march.

In between these larger collections there are pre collections. The pre-AW is out already in may while the pre-SS is out i november. They are smaller and have some connection with the following collection.

Every collection has a theme. Not all prints fit the theme but most prints do. A collection can include about 200 styles. The pre-collections are usually lest than half.


Mini rodini most often use organic cotton. Their sustainable profile makes it more or less mandatory to use organic textiles. Sometimes they blend the cotton with elastane.

The outerwear and swimwear are typically made of recycled polyester. Recycled polyester can be made of previous polyester products. It can also be recycled from plastic fishing nets that are drifting at sea. To use materials that can harm water living spieces is a good thing.

Mini rodini has also tried lyocell and tencel several times. Both alternatives are made of wood fibre and processed into a textile fibre. It is a durable and smooth alternative to cotton.


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